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… to check out the STOG (Short Term Blog) that Brandy and I did.

The Monkey was here this morning.  She had come over so I could put new music on her iPod.  Of course, she had forgotten her iPod. She stood behind me, reading the files I had in the folder for her. The Monkey: What the hell is that? Peter: Silversun Pickups. The Monkey: Sun Kids Drive? […]

If you’ve spent enough time reading blogs, you’ve seen just how repetitive they can get sometimes. It’s all chick bloggers saying things like, “This? Is a post about my feelings.” And jackass dude bloggers trying to sell you their novella. Annoyinguh. Well, ducklings, prepare to have your minds b-lown. <booming announcer voice> Monday…  Monday…  Mondaaaaay… […]

The Cabin


Because I am focusing my blogging genius (such that it is) on the super secret blogging project with this chick, PDDC here is being a bit neglected. Yesterday’s word doodle was pretty crappy.  And I have nothing better to offer you today. What you do get is something I found in the draft folder.  I […]

wearing fragility like borrowed clothes fitting she supposes wanting to give them back clashing with what she is selling/ hoping we’re buying she wields the scars like a weapon protecting her from the harmless reclaiming the distance she hates she holds on to the pain fear and guilt and disbelief and pride fueling this she […]

If you met me, you’d think that I look pretty manly. I’m a giant.  I typically haven’t shaved in a couple of days.  I’m usually rocking jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap (currently a blue Phillies cap) and Adidaseseses.  (Either white Sambas or black Gazelles.) Yes. Very manly indeed. So it would come as a great shock […]

“Unless you are complimenting me, I rarely agree with anything you say.” “I am considering pulling a Britney Spears’ Dad and taking over all dating decisions from you.” “Tweeting is dropping your pants to impress someone. Blogging is, “Here’s my junk, but hang around a bit and I’ll show you how I use it.’” “Handwriting […]