Crazy things I’ve said/written recently: “It’s a holiday in Canada and I’ll post filler if I want” Edition


“Unless you are complimenting me, I rarely agree with anything you say.”

“I am considering pulling a Britney Spears’ Dad and taking over all dating decisions from you.”

“Tweeting is dropping your pants to impress someone. Blogging is, “Here’s my junk, but hang around a bit and I’ll show you how I use it.'”

“Handwriting analysis is very cool.  Though I’m not sure I’d want to know what mine says about me.  ‘Has ego problem — and possibly a broken hand.'”


“Calm your hormones.” — The Monkey. To her Dad, on the phone, when he tells her it is almost time to go home.  (Somehow she manages to say these things and not come off as bratty.)


18 Responses to “Crazy things I’ve said/written recently: “It’s a holiday in Canada and I’ll post filler if I want” Edition”

  1. 1 brandy

    The last one is my favourite. I suspect you know this already.

    You should write a filler post for me since my brain hurts.

  2. 3 shine

    Why blogging will always be far superior to tweeting?

  3. 5 Sid

    So was the Britney comment preceded by a knee to your nuts?

  4. I like that first one especially. I should say that to people more often.

  5. i’m an anit-twitter so will be using your analogy from now on. will send you royalties.

  6. 11 MJ

    I was planning to do a similar post with some of the weird dialogues between my boyfriend and I. After 6 years, we must have run out of stuff to say because we talk a lot of nonsense now.

  7. 13 tia

    happy canada day!

    (that’s the holiday, right? or something.)

  8. wtf! “calm your hormones” is the best ever!!!!!!

  9. Uh huh.

    I could come up with a few more crazy things you’ve said/written…


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