sunday morning monkey business


The Monkey was here this morning.  She had come over so I could put new music on her iPod.  Of course, she had forgotten her iPod.

She stood behind me, reading the files I had in the folder for her.

The Monkey: What the hell is that?

Peter: Silversun Pickups.

The Monkey: Sun Kids Drive?

Peter: You’ll like it.  How about some Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

The Monkey: How about No No Nos?

Peter: Did I put Foo Fighters on last time?

The Monkey: No.

Peter: I’ll put some on this time.

The Monkey: I should have said yes.

Peter: Did I put any Nirvana on last time?

The Monkey: Uhm… yesssss.

Peter: Liar.  For that I am putting on some Bruce Springsteen.

The Monkey: I LOVE Jessie’s Girl!

Peter: (outraged)  That is Rick Springfield, you dork.

The Monkey: (sings Jessie’s girl.)

Peter: You’re a pain in the ass.

The Monkey: (Happily) I know.  Nothing new…

I finally convinced her to go home and actually get the iPod.  This took… a half an hour.  She lives across the street.

Peter: I’ll add some more of my music.

The Monkey: No Sundried Tomatoes!

Peter: It’s Silversun–

She’s out the door.

She returned with the iPod and thought of another bunch of songs for me to get for her.  And then she informed me that she was leaving in five minutes.  We struck a deal for me to put on the songs I have, and that she’d come back later for the new ones.

As she was leaving…

Peter: So, you are coming back later?  I should download those other songs you want?

The Monkey: You should.  (Puts on flip flops.)  Because you love me.

10 Responses to “sunday morning monkey business”

  1. 1 Beth

    Sometimes I really wish you’d make a playlist for me, sounds like you have pretty good taste.

  2. 2 MissE

    Said before, saying it again – the Monkey rules.

    And you’re an awesome cousin. She’s a lucky girl.

  3. 3 sid

    I actually used the Monkey’s last line on someone. And they replied with, “I can’t believe you’re using my love for you against me.”

  4. “You should because you love me.” The Monkey rocks.

  5. 5 shine

    Yay! I knew all of those bands. I’m not so out of touch after all.

    Wait. Can you call Rick Springfield a band? You know what I mean. And now I’m going to have Jesse’s Girl stuck in my head all day.

  6. 6 mindy

    Can I have her? Send her to Minnesota, k? Thanks.

  7. 7 Kara

    Sounds like the conversations I have with my niece and nephews. Maybe they are related?

  8. 8 LiLu

    I RULE at the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s on Rockband.

    Just, yanno… thought you should know.

  9. 9 E.P.

    I don’t even know her, but I <3 the ACN. So funny!

  10. lol omg she is so adorable!!!! and quite witty!

    (ok im done with the exclamation points)

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