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So the plan was to put up the post yesterday asking for questions for Jen, wait a week, and then give them to her.  But she got all excited and started sending me answers right away.  And, judging by the answers, maybe I shouldn’t have made the crack about her taking credit for the sunrise.  […]

You know how sometimes I get you guys to ask me questions? And then I try to show that I’m clever and mostly sidestep any that I don’t feel like answering? Well, how would you like to have access to the answers from a source that would be less likely to evade? Because now you’ll […]

In today’s edition, I e-mail with Jenn from “You’ll Grow To Love Me.” A blog name that she swears isn’t ironic.  I remain unconvinced. What do you need to know about Jenn? She’s argumentative. She has questionable (though improving) taste in music. We disagree on just about everything. Her ego might even be bigger than […]

brandy and I have the e-mail exchange of the century going on. Honestly, it could be a STOG of it’s own. People would come from far and wide to read it and to bask in the glory that is us. Or it’s pretty mundane and we are just full of ourselves. Ehhh. Either way. In […]

I was on Facebook the other day — something that is becoming less and less frequent now that Facebook Scrabble REFUSES TO BELIEVE I AM IN CANADA AND WON’T LET ME PLAY. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. So I was accepting a friend request or some shit and I noticed an ad telling me that I can “Attract woman.” […]

In this installment of the award winning*, and cleverly named, blog series “Peter e-mails bloggers” you meet Amanda. (*I made up the award.**) (**It involved a sash.) I am totally singing “Purple Rain” in my head right now. ******************** Amanda! When I first saw the title of your blog, I thought it was meme-opolis. Like […]

‘I thought you only liked brunettes now’ it was only half an accusation at most eyes and expression dulling the edge speaking of eyes magical expanding “flaws” blind to the obvious truths but as with all the good ones pros outweigh consternations a presence from a distance real palpable first star seen in any sky […]