I’ve never done that before…


Last night, as I was replying to an e-mail from my STOG partner in crime, I received a text from a friend.

[You know how gmail threads mail conversations?  Well, Brandy and I were like a 100 mails into this conversation.  One in which, early on, I said, as we were passing by the topic of pap smears, “And stirrups should have Christian Louboutins at the end for women to slide their feet into.  I suspect that would make time seem like it is moving quicker for women”  And she continued having the conversation with me!]

Anyway the text I received said, “Lauren Graham looks GORGEOUS tonight!”

I was mildly intrigued and replied, “IN THE NAME OF ALL THE IS GOOD IN THE WORLD TELL ME WHERE!!!!!!!!”


I replied with, “What?  Where?”

But as soon as I sent it, I remembered that the Tonys were on last night.  So I grabbed my remote and switched the channel.

This is surprising for two reasons:

1) I don’t like musical theatre.  At all.  Or film musicals.  Or pretty much anytime anybody randomly launches into song for any reason.

2) I don’t like awards shows.  Picking the “best” piece of art?  Come on.  That’s like planning unicorn races.  Or debating who would win in a fight between King Kong and Mothra.

(King Kong.)

So I’m watching The Tonys.

I’m gchatting with this chick and debating Tweeting the Tony-watching experience.  But since opening another tab in my browser seems like a lot of work, I share my witty comments in the chat window.

Fast forward to this morning and I decide that my comments might make a funny blog post.

That is, until I read them.

Though my favourite was: “this fucking sucks. why all the singing??”


9 Responses to “I’ve never done that before…”

  1. 1 MJ

    Who gets to judge these things anyway? I want to see credentials.

  2. 2 shine

    I hate musicals. They’re so awkward and uncomfortable.

  3. 3 BS

    I love musicals, like awards shows, and didn’t think Lauren Graham looked gorgeous. But since that’s a lot of disagreeing all in one comment, I’ll also say that I’m totally with you on the Louboutins.

  4. 4 Sediqa

    Chicago was pretty awesome. Have you watched it?

  5. 5 JenBun

    I watched a movie last night in which Lauren Graham discussed uncircumcised penises with Mandy Moore.

    I almost sent you a message! But then I got distracted watching her awkwardly try to sing and dance in front of Mandy…

  6. 6 Susie

    I love that you love Lauren Graham. Soooooo cute!

  7. 7 brandy

    Lauren Graham would not hide you if you were on the run. It is important that you realize this.

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