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She kind of doesn’t want him to want her in this skirt she has carefully selected because it hugs her ass so lovingly She kind of hopes that he can resist letting his eyes linger for too long on her breasts in this shirt that JCrew must have created just to frame their perfection She […]

Though if it was a blog post, it would look much like this.  You know, all wordy and fonterrific. But this is not a post. You see, it would appear that I can’t think of fun blog topics.  Poooooooop. Since it rained here for 95% of the last month, I don’t want to complain about […]

You asked some questions. And we answered… those questions. Of course brandy got all “Hey!  Look at me!” and gave much longer answers than mine.  How… RUDE. (Feel free to submit more Qs.  I might be able to charm brandy into continuing to answer.) 1) dotcomkatie: “I’m running out of ideas and quite frankly going […]

I arrived back at my computer a day last week and found an IM from (Canada-hating, NOT ex-gf) Jenn: “international sex symbol” I looked at it and thought “Thanks for noticing, baby.”  And then I winked at the screen.  Which was probably silly because: a) She couldn’t see me winking at the screen. b) I […]

“Did you love your ex?” “Yeah…  I mean, I think.  She is pretty.  Nice.  Usually.  But  talking to her doesn’t… excite me.” “It doesn’t excite you?” “Nope.” “The topics?” “When I talk to a woman I want to get… a mind boner.” “A mind…” “Boner.  Yes.” “Just making sure.” “I liked her.  I still like […]

… so why not a silly topic? Because I’d NEVER write a silly post otherwise. In an email conversation with a fellow blogger, we somehow got on the topic of questions you ask on dates.  She has a good one.  (THAT SHE SHOULD BLOG ABOUT.)  I mentioned something about how I once started a blog […]

– When you ask The ACN “After spending all day stuck in the house because of the rain, are you sick of Unc?” you better be ready for whatever answer you get. – When you are feeding The ACN a plate of crackers and cheese, and turn to watch the TV for too long, it […]