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Two 20-somethings walk through the aisles of a bookstore. She scans titles. He checks his Blackberry. Him: “Can you hurry and pick up your latest teen vampires in love book?” Her: “Don’t hate me for being a reader.” Him: “I read.” Her: “Uh huh.” Him: “I do! I read The New Yorker and… *mumbles*” Her: […]

I’m working on something else today, so no new post for you. In the meantime, if you are looking for something to read, Nicole fucking crushed this one. IndieInk is bringing cool shit every day. Or if you are just craving some DeWolfy goodness, you can go through my archives.  The entire collection is an […]

hmmm can’t see blink one eye then the other finally the clock is coming into focus scroll through my address book there she is sleepy smile wait she wanted me to call right? right hit the phone icon it’s ringing holy shitbirds she did want me to call i think oh, man she whispered hello […]

pen on paper


i stare at the blank page like so many others before my thoughts trying to select a spokesman a pen on paper a doodled circle the thing is sometimes it feels like the words i write i do it just to get them out of the way of the words i want to say to […]

Shadows are slowly creeping across the room. Unstoppable. Obscuring… A solitary male figure. He takes a long, slow drag on a cigarette. His partially hidden face turns towards the window. He exhales slowly. The smoke drifts gradually towards the ceiling. “There are times… There are events in a man’s life that change him. This is […]

It’s baaaaack


Sort of. Stacy has brought back IndieBloggers under the new name Indie Ink. They launched today! Can’t say I agree with their choice for their first featured writer… (Add it to your Readers, etc. Because Stacy is awesome and the site will rule all.)



it just dawned on me that if i was to write a song about you and if i could write songs i would but if i was to write a song about you at some point in it i’d sing a line and then whisper repeat it because i’m lying here next to you sleeping […]