Since there have been quite a few new blog visitors and new Google Reader… readers lately, I thought I would do a little “Best of” post. (“Best” being wildly subjective.)

I have the world’s cutest niece.

I wrote a book.

I wrote a Facebook Love Story.

I like short stories.

Some people ARE just touchy.

Centre Ice

You can bribe ex girlfriends to write nice things about you.

I had some pretty strong feelings about mittens.

I took a serious look at relationships.

I kinda like this word doodle.

This one too.

This dude should have been wearing mittens.

I have a big noggin.

Sexy flu.

A word doodle based on a random pic.

This one is too.

Hmmm. I see a trend developing.

A bit of a sad(dish) word doodle.

I like your bum. (I really do.)

5 Responses to “laaaaazy”

  1. Hey, it takes a lot of work to put all those links together. I bet you almost broke a sweat.

  2. the bum one is my new favorite ever.

  3. 4 Shahurath

    Your ex girlfriend is way too sweet.

  4. I feel like these were for me, and I am so glad you threw these together.

    I like your bum, omigod, unreal. I think it was the cinnamon on french toast line where I fell in love with her bum, too.

    And the Facebook love story was great, too.

    Robin: Okay. So add me on Facebook as soon as you get home.
    Jim: Can I change my status to “smitten” first?
    Robin: I suppose. Just don’t poke me. I hate it when people poke me.
    Jim: Maybe they just aren’t doing it right.

    I’m laughing again even after copying and pasting.

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