give and take


red sky at night
delighting sailors
roof top party
delighting… you
i have other ideas
other plans
you love making me
especially when wearing
the black dress
i have ways
to make you pay
my hand
on your thigh
squeezing just a little harder
than is expected
a little higher
than is allowed
you flash me
that look
that stop but don’t look
i turn and lean
into your ear
a whispered now
turns to a growled
right fucking now
you shiver
i see it
i lean in again
and close my teeth
on your ear lobe
you mmmmmmm
i mmmhmmmm
you smile
but what kind
you trace
on my leg
i nod
i fuuuuuuck
barely audible
very palpable
you get up
you take my hand
we walk down
one flight of stairs
no words
no looks
into the elevator
doors close
right fucking now


19 Responses to “give and take”

  1. 1 M

    It wasn’t until I finished reading that I realized I had not taken a breath or blinked while I read this…love your writing…

  2. Urgency is hot. This is hot. Nicely done, sir.

  3. I need a cigarette.

  4. Yes.

  5. I believe what you’ve just given me is a case of “the vapors.”

  6. *biting my lip

  7. 7 Shahurath


  8. I’m so glad I work from home.

  9. Sigh. Yes. To all of it.

  10. 10 Sarah

    Check please!

  11. 11 angela

    lol @Ben.
    Also.. I used to think about this all the time, since my office building has an elevator.. then I realized we only have four floors and if you hit the stop button an alarm goes off.

  12. *sigh* you just made me miss a poet ex of mine. Not very nice of you, no, not very nice…
    Great piece. Love your writing, love the feeling too. Thank you.

  13. i would like for this to happen to me.

    please and yes.


  14. oh peter dewolf… you naughty naughty man.

  15. When does the love come?

  16. 16 Rogue


  17. sex-ay!

  18. Mmmmm yes, I want “right fucking now” whispery-growled into my ear. mmmmm.

  1. 1 smell you later, ‘09 «

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