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is it too snug yes yes good she tightens more even silk can hurt and burn wrists lashed headboard more solid than he expected tables turned on breasts then lips then hair tracing down down from his face exquisite torture what she’s always been really he struggles against restraints against her a control freak out […]

The speakers made that sound.  The one where the volume is way too loud, but the music hasn’t kicked in yet. And then it did. The opening chords of The Cult’s “Love Removal Machine” punched him in the face. He turned it up louder. Thank you, i Tunes. He had no idea what the fuck […]

about… me?


So I was recently informed that I don’t write enough about myself on this blog. That seemed… odd to me. Partially because I am a raging (and adorable) narcissist. But mostly because I always felt as though if you read me, you know me. You know? I think there is more of “me” in my […]

streaks of red-orange sky lead the way to his destination the kind of empyrean perfection that always made him think of her always it often made him reach out to her but not this time she was sitting beside him already she had caught him looking and smiling at her twice her seat tilted back […]

the question


“Why am I single?  Aren’t we all just looking for someone attractive and smart and sweet and funny and trustworthy who fits us?  Well…  No.  Not really.  I’m also looking for…   someone who just gets me, as improbable as that is.  I’m looking for someone who lets me know that the sparks and flashes […]

So I was sprawled out on my bed last Sunday morning, doing lots of work and being super productive. Or, you know, watching the end of Speed. The Monkey strutted in the back door (I had the volume up and didn’t hear her), walked to my bedroom,  and jumped on my bed.  She was eating […]

Park Manners


Today is the last day over at Park Manor.   Thanks to everyone who visited and commented. How friggin’ awesome were all the posts? Correct answer: VERY friggin’ awesome. So awesome that the bar is raised ridiculously high for me today. Here’s my post “Black and Blue.”