word doodlepalooza 2: electric boogaloo



I’ve been so fixated on this (Oct. 19th!!) that I almost forgot that it was the time of the year for my second annual…

Word Doodlepalooza

I enjoyed the crap out of it last year.

We had submissions from bloggers, non-bloggers, friends of bloggers.  Awesome.

So, let’s do this shit again.

“What are the rules, Peter?”

Well, as with the best kinds of sex…


Word Doodles are just little snippets of words.

Maybe poetry-lite?


Write about anything that comes to mind.  They can be long or short.  English or not.   Doesn’t matter.

Just start writing and send me (peterdewolf@gmail.com) whatever comes out.

And don’t be nervous if it is your first time.   Read the one I posted yesterday.  The bar is pretty low, suckas.

I’ll start posting them, well, whenever people start sending them in.  And it will last for as long as people keep sending them in (up to about 5 business days.)

So, start doodling.

It’s fun.


Do it.

Edit to add: Word doodles can be posted anonymously or under a pseudonym, if you’d prefer to go that route.


14 Responses to “word doodlepalooza 2: electric boogaloo”

  1. 1 Sid

    The best kinds of sex always has a safe word … Or so I’ve been told …

  2. who ended up winning the last doodlepalooza?

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