i don’t care
what you’ve heard
i was not
awake stupidly early
this morning
dawson’s creek
and it wasn’t the one
where pacey took dawson
to a peeler bar
and dawson said
‘i just had a
religious experience’
but if i had been
and if it had been
it would have reminded me
of you
not the strippers part
i can’t stress
that enough
it seems that
most things do
damn you
but it’s not
your sparsile beauty
it’s that
you get
is on any given day
like when i tell you
i want to write something
so good
that people share and “like”
the fuck out of it
on google reader
you understand
because that’s you
from me
the rest of the world
gets an autopiloted
‘keep fishing and
i’ll throw you a line’
but comments
and compliments
anything, really
from you are
i go from awww
to awe of you
and back again
so, yeah, it’s not
just your sparsile beauty
it’s that i love knowing
you’ll appreciate the phrase


11 Responses to “(fake)”

  1. “i go from awww
    to awe of you”

    love that so much.

  2. I, in fact, DO appreciate the phrase.

    Oh, it’s not all about me? Fine…

  3. wow, and all I got this morning was a grunt and a scratch as he watched ESPN, and the hang-dog asking if tonight was a night he was gonna get lucky.

  4. ‘sparsile’ AND Blue Rodeo? Nicely done.

  5. the story was really great and all…

    but this weekend? Vengeance was mine!!!!!

    • Dude… my downfall began when I selected Jason Campbell at QB. But he was playing KC! I could have thrown for 3 TDs against KC.

      And then it got worse.

      • you guys and your fantasy football stuff is really cute. and i know you both probably hate me now for calling football cute.

  6. Never had the aww and the awe…count thee lucky.

  7. this is wonderful! I’m wondering, is there a lady behind it? you really hit the nail on the head when it comes to personalities.

    • Thanks!

      Word doodles can be based on:

      1) An actual woman that I am involved with on some level.
      2) A woman from my past.
      3) Some idealized version of a woman I hope to meet.
      4) Anne Hathaway.

      This doodle was…

      definitely one of those.

  8. I do hope it’s about Anna Hathaway. She’s pretty.

    Nicely done darlin’!

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