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i love it outside on nights like tonight cool late october evening in late november can almost almost see your breath everything in the sky clearly visible but i don’t notice save for “the lunar sparkle in your eyes” which you squint at that line i’m wearing a hooded sweatshirt that I’ll never call a […]

two twerps


So lately I haven’t been talking about the twerps as much. And it’s not because I’ve finally become COMPLETELY self-absorbed. Maybe. You see, The Monkey is 12 (going on 29) now. So she’s evil and no longer even a little cute. Kidding. I just don’t think it’s right to tell all kinds of stories that […]

She loves this song. But she’s not sure where it is from. Then she remembers. It was the beach house. Every Christmas. Her parents would dance to this in the kitchen whenever it played on that half-assed light rock FM station. She’d wish they’d get a room. She smiles. Bread’s “Baby I’m-A Want You.” That’s […]



He glances in the mirror at his now Tim Riggins-looking hair. He imagines her hands in it. He walks away. He sits down with his computer, to once again face the cliche of the flashing cursor on a white screen. He has a story to tell. Well, not really a story. He tries to remember […]

It was one of those diners where someone obviously spent a lot of time and money, and paid attention to detail, to make sure it felt like one of those diners. You know? Replica license plates from all over the country adorned the walls. Waitresses attired as if they had been trained to say “Kiss […]

i catch your eyes catching mine again i wear it for comfort you say cashmere! i don’t really care softness spooning curves so perfect so distracting eyes trying with minimal success for complete innocence achieving bright feisty warmth a smile you could charge admission for feels like it was designed just for me and… fuck this […]

Hiiiiiiiiiii, you. You look very pretty today. So, you know, I come with some baggage. No, not the time I hit the guy with my car on Route 9 in Maine and just kept driving. What? He was a drifter. I’m 95% sure he was a drifter. 90% percent sure. 80%… He was a cop. […]