it was very pretty in my head. promise.


i love it outside
on nights like tonight
cool late october evening
in late november
can almost
almost see your breath
everything in the sky
clearly visible
but i don’t notice
save for “the lunar sparkle
in your eyes”
which you squint
at that line
i’m wearing a hooded sweatshirt
that I’ll never call a hoodie
you’re wearing a coat and scarf
you have your own style
you stand on your tippy toes
in inappropriate shoes
that i don’t really like
and lean in to me
i hold you up by the elbows
and bend down a little
to kiss you
and it is amazing
it’s not the first time
but you could have fooled me (again)
law of diminishing returns be fucked
and then i put my
hands on your ass
because i’m me
and i tell you that
i love the way
your ass comes out
fits in my hands
because i’m smooth
you ask if i just called you fat
i tell you to shut up
you ask if i just told you to shut up
i kiss you
a dog barks
you shiver a little
i squeeze you tight
i kiss you again

25 Responses to “it was very pretty in my head. promise.”

  1. Aww. “Law of diminishing returns be fucked.” Great line.

  2. Nice, love it.

  3. “Cool late October evening in late November” – I know exactly what you mean. I love it too. Plus the whole rest of this, of course!

  4. I concur with Doniree – Law of diminishing returns be fucked – Amen to that..
    And loved the line “i love the way your ass comes out
    and fits in my hands”

    You create magic with your words every time.

  5. 9 Alexia

    I love the last eight lines; maybe it’s because it’s the type of thing I would say!

  6. interpretive dance video! please!

  7. you are my favorite lately, and i thought that you would like to know.

  8. Yeah. You lost me with the econ references. Better luck next time.

  9. i bet your groupies love this.

    confession: i’m a groupie

  10. Man you sure know how to conjure up feel good images.

    You need to write a romantic comedy for the big screen. Seriously.

  11. “Inappropriate shoes”? Great now I’m conjuring up images of shoes mouthing off at you.

  12. Inappropriate as in sexy but unnecessary, or inappropriate as in it’s effing cold out here/you’re toes are turning blue? Specify. Please?

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