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Hiyas. No new posts until next week (probably.)  The Niece of Adorable Cuteness is here for the week and she demands my full attention. Seriously.  If she doesn’t get it, she is super pissed. We’re having a full week of Christmas.  We had ours late, as my sister works shiftwork and couldn’t be here for […]

A cranky, though underratedly handsome man named Ebepeter Scrooge sits in his office, going over his sitemeter stats by candlelight. His assistant, Ben Cratchit, enters. “Mr. Scrooge, it’s pretty cold in here. I mean, I look good in layers, but still.” “Bah!”

ringer #4


it begins or so i’ve heard with teeny letters on a small glowing square really T9Word-ian replies to touchscreen QWERTY desires the buzzing of the arrival of the first gently rouses but the words… there is no easing in and so it starts perfectly timed wonderfully received each missive inspired by and building on the […]

Hiya, Future Wife. A number of bloggers have been posting about the pros and cons of being single for the holidays lately. My only real thought was “It sucks not having someone to try to find the perfect gift(s) for.” But when I stopped reading each post, I stopped thinking about it. Until yesterday. I […]

she is keeping you at arm’s length (partially) so that her hand is just on you again no troop surge is large enough to protect the heart and control the mind you’ve both seen that reaching out she is hoping you’re not there but but so very relieved when you are learning that you can […]

Many months ago, I woke up with an idea.  And bedhead. The idea was to combine some of my favourite word doodles (at the time) with cool pics. I mentioned to Ashley that I had no eye for design.  She told me that she did. Hook.  Bait.  Chomp! Somehow I convinced her to take my […]

What’s that? You didn’t love it? Huh. OK.  Well… Way to ruin an intro. Jerk. Whatever. Here is part two. With even cuter pics.