she and him


Thinking back, she couldn’t recall whose idea it was to share the earbuds that night.

She could definitely remember enjoying the closeness.

She also remembered how, to that point, she really only loved his stubble in theory.

She thought.

But that night. Lightly rubbing her cheek.

She got it.

In what sounded like a far off place, Zooey Deschanel admitted “I was never no, never no, never enough. / But I can try, I can try to toughen up.”

Sitting on the dock, as waves lovingly taunted her pretty toes, she wondered if he could hear her heart race.

Or feel it.

He looked at her.

He held it.

She didn’t recognize the expression. It was too early to know them all.

He looked down at his own feet. Further down in the water.

He lightly splashed her toes.

It was just past sunset. A time she always preferred, really. A little darker, but still beautiful. A little less showy, but much richer and deeper.

She heard what she was sure was a conversation between two birds.

They were a couple, of this she was certain. But they were going through a rough patch. His ego. Her passion. They were on a collision course.

She felt a little sad. She hoped her little bird friends could work it out.

He put his hand on the dock behind her and leaned in even closer.

She was sure he’d hear her heart this time.

She was writing various outcomes to the evening in her head.

Trying to re-live it, before she really lived it.

He looked at her again.


“Filing this moment away,” he replied matter-of-factly.


“You’ll ask about it some day.”

The birds continued to try to work it out.

The tide rose just enough to tickle her toes.

She rubbed her cheek against his stubble.

17 Responses to “she and him”

  1. Thank you for helping me decide what to listen to this morning. I believe a little She and Him is in order.

  2. Besides agreeing with Doni, I also should just say that I really enjoyed these last 2 posts! The last one was better than porn.

  3. Some days I’m sure you are trying to kill me with your posts. I do. not. breathe. when I read things like this. “Trying to re-live it, before she really lived it” is such a perfectly accurate description.

    And, the last three lines of dialogue. Perfect gems. You leave all the right things unsaid.

  4. 7 Tina

    Its beautiful. Simple word… but it works here.

  5. I never realize titles until after reading something in it’s entirety. So, I’m all in love with the fact that practically every line begins with “She” and “He”, and then I scroll back up to the title. Nice.

  6. 9 BS

    I love this I love this I love this!

  7. This is beautiful.

    (I met some birds like that once on the bay. Only, I didn’t feel sad. I fed them bits of tortilla. The female had arrived on the scene squawking angrily at the male, which I thought was very cliche.)

  8. 11 Alexia

    A giver, huh? Good to know…

    I have a question for you: Why is it so imperative that your children are tall? I’ve come across this desire in enough entries to wonder.

    • Tall sons = great basketball players.
      Tall daughters = Vitoria secret’s underwear models

  9. when you fell in love in the 50’s you had hearts in your eyes and one milkshake with two straws. now when you fall in love, you have hearts in your eyes and one ipod with two earbuds.


  10. Did I do it? Did I link whatever it is I’m supposed to link?!

  11. “It was too early to know them all.”

    Favorite line.

  12. Such a unique writer, you’ve got your own style and you tell such nice stories in your posts

  13. 17 dhaami

    I sighed and smiled on reading this. damn it! I’ve worked so hard to be a cynic.
    But you are leaving me no choice.

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