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She rolls her eyes at the flickering lights from the 42″ LCD TV in the otherwise dark bedroom.  She reaches for her iPhone. She checks her gmail.  “You emailed me after I fell asleep?  You’re very cute.” “Yup.  I know.” He rolls over and spoons her.  She lets out a sweet little moansigh. He buries […]

Hiiiiiiiii, you. So, I love music.  I do.  I listen to it all day long. And sometimes (often) I get the overwhelming urge to share this music.  As my friends, who some days get a half dozen invitations to download shit from dropbox, can attest to. I want someone who doesn’t mind random songs appearing […]

She pushes herself to climb the steps between the first and second floor of her favourite bar. She catches a glimpse of her reflection in the wall of mirrors. She ignores the blurry backdrop that is a rippling mass of cleavage and Axe body spray and lies and bad decisions happening on the dance floor. […]

Hi hi. Did you like your word doodle the other day? Last night I was watching an episode of Nigella Bites… because my remote batteries crapped out while I was trying to find a Bare Knuckle Boxing and Spitting For Distance tournament? Anyway, while I was snuggling up inside of her voice, I wondered what […]

people might say i spend too much time looking at and thinking about and writing about the sky i know this has always been the case but again this morning i did it and it reminded me of you driving along the harbour pinkredness to the south pointing out the dangers the problems lurking and […]

every time the strands of hair brushed aside gets me every time curtains opening to a stunning backstage world where your spark flickering brightly in my eyes attracts illuminates warms thoroughly a land of late night secrets so imbued with power and loving and heat so tangible a presence that renders all others background a […]

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