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He blinks. A few times. He only wonders about the strange hue in the room — his room, he is reasonably sure — for a few moments before he notices the bra hanging over the small lamp in the corner. She had described it as “a pansy purple lace push-up bra.” He doesn’t think she […]

generation gap


I was all stretched out on my bed last night. Hat head in full effect. It was, like, eight-ish. A half hour before the big Canada/Russia hockey showdown. (Woooo!) I had just watched a story on Alex Ovechkin disrespecting Canada after the 2009 world championships and was feeling kinda punch-throw-y. “Fuck you, dude. Fuck. YOU.” […]

Whenever I start a big new writing project, I need inspiration. Something to focus on during those long days and nights when I am giving everything I have to try to create something that will hopefully affect people on some level. One of the most motivating things in the world, for me, is showing off […]

we dance up to the line like squabbling children extending dares across one in the dirt invisible but hugely important international borders and feelings our dance is not organized woman this is no box step if such a thing is indeed organized if anything we dance off up to that point each a turn but […]

beyond smitten


“Sometimes I think I know what I want… I see you in that ridiculous wool cap that you knit yourself… You know the one? The colour is very… 70s couch upholstery. But I adore it. I do… And I’m beyond smitten with that one strand of hair that always hangs down. Always always. So I’m […]

i remember it wasn’t that long ago really thinking and maybe telling someone that i wanted to feel something involving a woman that i was sick of the indifference which i think ruins writing and the soul hurting sounded better than the grey you know you do now there are days when i kinda wanna […]

it would surprise many but probably not you to know that i love hummingbirds really it’s true i adore how they are all fast-movey and all over the place wings flapping in a blur bluuuurrrrrr but when they stop even for a minute they look so small and vulnerable but then they’re off again and […]