better. much. better.


you’re pretty
damn smug
aren’t you
sitting there
looking like
you think
you know
you think
one smile
one hair toss
that cleavage
that ass
earns forgiveness
i grab
those wrists
you go
where i say
i grab that
long hair
you do
what i say
i look in
those eyes
you fucking take
that cleavage
a target
that ass
slapped raw
i know how
to put out
the fire
where did that
come from?

you whimpermoan
i growl
you should
worry about

10 Responses to “better. much. better.”

  1. Christ.

  2. 4 Wendryn

    Little bit of anger today? Intense.

  3. That’s it. I’m coming over.

  4. You weren’t lying when you said it would be smutty.

  5. Nice, Peter

  6. “Oh and Happy Valentines Day.”

    Rocked it, Peter De. Rocked it, man.

  7. I hate how every time I read one of *these* posts all I can say is “Sheesh.” That’s just all I can muster.

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