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The little butterfly struggled against the wind. As little butterflies sometimes do. Tossed and turned around by relentless, uncaring gusts. The little butterfly would make progress, but then be pushed back. Tantalizing close to where she was heading. A feeling more than a destination. Calm. The little butterfly kept on. She had been through a […]

Despite knowing what she’d find, she checks herself in the old mirror in her living room. It had belonged to her aunt, who claimed it was a family heirloom. But, knowing her aunt, it could have been picked up in a yard sale. Or won it in a sketchy poker game. Or worse. She had […]

(I am still fascinated by Hannah’s five minute poems. This one, I think, ran just a little bit long. But it was an unedited stream of consciousness kind of deal regardless.) Sometimes because I’m me I say things like “Is it really hiding if nobody is seeking?” Right? But I don’t think that is what […]

with the uneven mocking hum of the fluorescent light replaced finally by the silent exploring flickering of a scented candle with an aroma she can’t identify and doesn’t much care to she sinks in lower frothy waves lapping the sexiest shoreline curves her body her whole body had felt like a big truck was always […]

I barely stir, but you notice. “Have a good nap?” you ask. “Had a weird dream,” I mumble, still confused as to where I am. “About the fake old bald guy from the Six Flags commercials again?” “Yes!” My eyes are beginning to focus.  I see you standing, facing your closet.  You turn towards me […]

Once upon a time, there was a lush valley where rabbits hopped and birdies tweeted. Where the sun shined nearly every day. Where babbling brooks welcomed woodland creatures to come and drink from them. Where flowers bloomed and trees provided shade for new lovers to rest and read books of poetry to one another. This […]

The late night before.  The heat.  The lack of fresh air.  The seemingly never ending hum of tires on highway.  Something. Something is making him sleepy. He doesn’t mind.  It is the soft, welcoming kind of drifting off. He must have missed a stop.  Some town.  Some place.  He notices that there are more heads […]