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her unruly mane refuses to be tamed lightened already by the sun’s kiss the best laid hair plans gone awry pulled back into the room lace nude bra and underwear doing a job she makes easy naturally her dress is on her bed so is he doesn’t look up tapping away at his laptop having […]

Hi hi, Future Wife. Let’s go for a walk. I’ll take you on a tour of my town. It’s a little overcast, but it won’t take very long. We’ll head down towards the harbour. I’ll gently guide you away from the road, and I’ll walk on the side nearest traffic. You’ll ask, “No sidewalks?” I’ll […]

“You’re so gorgeous that you give my eyes an erection.” “How does that work exactly?” “Uhm… your hotness changes the shape of my peepers?” “So, like, an astigmatism?” “An astigmatism of looooooove, baby!” “I have to re-think some life decisions.”

His untied sneaker pressed on the accelerator of his dad’s Ford truck, spinning rocks up the driveway, and causing the now-completely-odourless pine tree air freshener to swing wildly from the rear view mirror. “My mom!” she whispered, looking back over her shoulder at the darkened house, surrounded by dark trees waving to them. “Oh. Sorry.” […]

Exactly three turns is what it takes to get the ever so slightly frayed cuffs of her jeans just perfect. She adores these jeans. She smiles when she pulls them out of her closet. They are old. They are soft. They are comfy. They have a hole in the left leg from where she climbed […]

you appear suddenly like promise with a catch backlit coming out of the fog of the bathroom wrapped in a towel with one on your head the slight cooling kiss of evaporation makes you mmmm a little as you caress the back of your neck you sit on your bed take some gently scented lotion […]

i had a dream last night about sara bareilles probably at least that is how she introduced herself i had some doubts i said you’re not going to write me a love song and she said, really that’s the first thing you say to me i shrugged, because it felt like a shrugging moment, you […]