dig if you will the picture


you appear suddenly
like promise with a catch
coming out of the
fog of the bathroom
wrapped in a towel
with one on your head
the slight cooling
kiss of evaporation
makes you mmmm
a little
as you caress
the back of your neck
you sit on your bed
take some
gently scented lotion
and rub it on your
silky smooth legs
you unwrap the towel
on your head
your wet hair falls
down your back
and the coldness makes
you recoil
with slightly startled delight
goosebumps form
and disappear
just as quickly
you sprawl out now
on your back
your towel becomes
falling away a little
invitingly to the light
warm breeze coming
through the window
to lick your side
you lift the towel up
and away from your full
round breasts
just for a second
you think
then you let it fall
down on the bed
you close your eyes
to feel your hands
run down your sides
your thumbs tracing
the outside of
your breasts
you stop at your hips
before running one
up your stomach
between your breasts
up your neck
to your mouth
you lightly push
down on your bottom lip
transferring a bit of
as does happen
your other hand
trembles gently
on your stomach
you exhale
but it doesn’t
put out the fire
in you
feel it
your mind
starts to wander
then stops
looks back
and invites you
with a follow me finger


3 Responses to “dig if you will the picture”

  1. 1 Meghan


    “your mind
    starts to wander
    then stops
    looks back
    and invites you
    with a follow me finger”

    it’s so vivid and clear and mischievous.

    so playful. love it.

  2. 2 Jenn

    When Doves Cry?!

    Is that where you got the title from? If so, kiss your face for me.

  3. Yummmm… I want to follow…

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