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She curled her painted toes over the edge of the wooden dock. The sweet, sticky summer night air hung over her like it had been generously brushed on with oppressive affection. She heard the slightest ripples of waves gently lapping on the shore. She closed her eyes. And she dove. The lake water cooled every […]

white lightning


She holds the almost square glass in her hand.   It’s a good weight for a drinking glass, she thinks. She swirls the clear liquid around and around. She scoffs at the offered mix. This isn’t her first rodeo.  In fact she’d once drank at a rodeo.  But this is no time for that story. She […]

Peter: Are you Uncle Pete’s girl this visit? ACN: *shakes her head no* Peter: Are you [grand mother]’s girl? ACN: Yeeeaaah. Peter: Nooooo. ACN: *giggles* Peter: Are you mad because I missed talking to you a couple of nights last week? ACN: Yeah!  *giggles* Peter: But I called you every night, you were just running […]



a fly whizzes by my nose so i swat and growl king kong style yo standing on the deck wiggling my toes looking at the harbour realizing again for the first tine the sun always shines brighter down on the lighthouse even when you whomp me on the head with your newspaper sunday edition! as […]

you know how everyone is always so very excited about first times and newness and learning and exploring and i get it i do but you know what i love knowing that when i place my lips softly softly on the spot where your shoulder meets your neck you’ll purr right there every time and […]

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. You’re pretty. So, Eff Double U, like all other celebrities, I require a team of people around me to help me look good and to get things done. But, in my case, it’s not a cadre of toadies, groupies, astrologers, shamans and freelance anal bleachers. No, no, no. For me it’s a group of […]

I glance back over my shoulder as you fumble with the keys. Repeatedly. You swear a little under your breath. You finally locate the proper one and the large door swings open. I hold it as you run over to the alarm keypad. You punch in the code written on a piece of paper by […]