even her middle name is pretty


sometimes you can see
a crush coming
a (super)natural
and needed
smile charming away
the swooning shadows
you recognize it
light catching hair catching breath
you tell her
dipping your toe
in the pool of openness
don’t know if she knows it
her eyes slow dance
you into submission
you tell her again
she’s quiet
then she says something
then she says something
so honest and simple
your whole body grins
walls fall
possibilities pounce
and kiss
and play
you feel like
don’t have to put on
your cool clothes
or any at all
you tell her
the best policy
becomes a law
her name the ignition
her voice the fuel
fingers follow
eyes follow
over shoulders
under a turquoise
strapless dress
sometimes you can’t see
a crush coming
but then you miss out
on the joy
of watching it all happen


4 Responses to “even her middle name is pretty”

  1. 1 missyummyface

    I wish more men were like you

  2. I wish more men were like you … (and gay) :D

  3. Another home run, sir.

  4. My heart just melted… this seriously has to be one of my favorites EVER.

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