let’s go for a walk, future wife



I mean it

Anywhere you want.

You think for a moment.  You playfully tap your chin with your finger, gazing off into the distance.

You head west.  Without me.

I quickly catch up.  You know, long legs and all.

I mumble for you to take the inside, so I can be closer to hypothetical traffic.  You’re in the middle of a story about something that angries you up, and ignoring me.  I finally just grab you by the shoulders and move you to the inside.

And we walk.

You continue with your story.  I try to follow.  I’m interested!

But the sun is shining off of your pretty hair.

You finish a story about a coffee shop giving you the wrong drink, I think, with, “Agree with me!”

“I agree with you.”

You smile.  You wrap your arm around mine.

And we walk.

You lean against me.

Understated leaves refuse to give up the fight, while their brethren are blown around our feet.

I kiss you on top of the head, while our footsteps echo in this narrow lane between small white houses.

A dog with a definite Napoleon Complex starts barking in the yard we’re passing.  You recoil. I wrap my arm around you.

I give you a squeeze.

I talk.  Faster than usual.  Some random story that makes me sound like a goof.  You laugh.  I keep talking.

About who knows what.

You scrunch your nose while you listen to some detail I probably should have edited out.

I melt a little.

More than a little.

I stop talking.  I squeeze you again.

And we walk.

I glance at the horizon, where the sunset is impatiently waiting to begin.

You sing, a little, under your breath, trying to release the song stuck in your head.

I laugh.

You slap me in the stomach with the back of your hand.

We stroll along in silence.

You start singing again.

I laugh harder.

We stop at an intersection.  We debate north versus south.

The wind is acting up, looking for attention.  It’s moving your hair around.  You try to push it out of your face, while still listening intently to me.

I reach in, grazing your cheek with the back of my hand, and tuck it behind your ear.

You smile, a little squinty in the sun.

I lean in and kiss you.

It’s been too long.

I kiss you with sweetness and hinting.

I end the kiss with an “Mmmmmmm.  Baby…”

You say, “Me too.”

And we walk.



9 Responses to “let’s go for a walk, future wife”

  1. Lovely start to my morning. I love your letters to FW.

  2. Future Wife is very lucky.

  3. I love all of your letters to your future wife!

  4. I’ve read letters to future husbands but never read letters to future wives. I like.

  5. I really hope you keep all the letters to your FW so that she can read them all someday!

  6. This is lovely. I’m with Nora…keep the letters, your FW will cherish them. :)

  7. This is positively heartwarming. Absolutely loved! I agree with the ladies, hang on to these…


  8. this couldn’t have been any more perfect. thank you.

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