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The sizzling in the saucepan tells that the temperature is just right. She wraps her arms around his waist and presses her cheek against the back of his wrinkled cotton shirt. “Thank you.  I don’t like cutting onions.  They make my fingers smell funny,” she says. “Like onions?” “Maybe.” He drops them in the pan.  […]

i pull my hair in the harsh bathroom light leaning into the mirror grey stubble fuck the words like a little kid on the high diving board need a push now i’m scribbling i’m typing i wonder in the moments in between the moments if i should be learning new ways to say it or […]

He checks his watch by the abundant moonlight. Too much moonlight, in his opinion, for their purposes. “Just about time,” he informs with the tone of a man in control. He puts his driver’s side window down and listens. She pulls her sweater up around her neck. He catches his reflection in the mirror.  The […]

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you could build a year and quite a good one with the beats my heart skips each time i see you dancing bouncing music filling you leaving room only for me i listen to your words as if there’ll be a test and in the silences i hear the change from wanting everyone to know […]

The early afternoon sun is bursting in through the south-facing window, painting the room in a golden hue, and warming the bed to cozy degrees. Celsius. He notices a thin layer of dust on the screen of the TV that she would never tell him to leave turned off. But it’s turned off. He snuggles […]

i stand on the weather-worn steps leading in you stand two steps higher then three it lets you kiss me and you do and again my hug wraps around your bum i don’t hate that you hum a song that’ll i’ll later wonder why it’s in my head you remove my baseball cap and put […]

The weather forecast hadn’t called for it. Granted that’s no surprise around here. You tell me that you’ve lost your snow tolerance, as I softly brush some out of your hair. I remove your coat and hang it over the back of a chair that doesn’t really match the decor, but has sentimental meaning that […]