i shaved yesterday


i stand on
the weather-worn steps
leading in
you stand two steps higher
then three
it lets you kiss me
and you do
and again
my hug
wraps around
your bum
i don’t hate
you hum a song
that’ll i’ll later wonder
why it’s in my head
you remove my
baseball cap
and put it on your noggin
you look cuuute
you run your hands
through my
bedandhat head
then down my
stubbly cheeks
we discuss
which smurf
Smurfette would
hook up with
i vote for the
tallest one
you snicker that
i should pick
the oldest
you ask
if they’re all
and we ewwww
you grab my face
you kiss me again
you tell me
you’re just
setting the table
for later
the table could be fun
i reply
with that look
you give me
another kiss
you turn
i slap your bum
we walk in


2 Responses to “i shaved yesterday”

  1. The thing that drives me crazy about your stories is wondering if they are real or not….


  2. Was there a Moneybags Smurf? She would totally have hooked up with Moneybags Smurf.

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