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He pulls the covers up to his chin. The room is dark and just a little cool. Perfect sleeping conditions. He thinks about how comfy he is. He thinks about her. Frequently. He is nodding off. Something ice cold touches his back and he almost jumps out of bed. “Ack!” “Babe… my hands are coooold. […]



He leans back in the desk chair in his home office. He clicks on “Inbox” in his Gmail. He spins around in his chair. He clicks on “Inbox” again. As he spins again, he realizes how silly it is to keep clicking “Inbox” when Gmail automatically checks for new mail. He clicks on “Inbox” again. […]

She knows it is coming. It’s late. It’s dark. I mean, she’s taken the precautions. She’s done what she can. But she knows. She braces for it. She’s ready. And then… Nothing. “Hmmm,” she thinks. False alarm? She stays vigilant. Then she stays slightlysleepyvigilant. Maybe she got ready for nothing. Tension leaves her shoulders.  They […]

I like a girl who gets excited. She finds a new recipe and needs to go to the store for ingredients right away.  (And wants me to call her at the store to remind her exactly what those ingredients are.) She has to dance.  Has.  To. She says “babe” in fourteen different ways.  And I […]