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you’re a little dopey when you wake up and for a while after you sleepybeargrrrrr away my kind words they’ll land later i brush it aside your impertinent hair and i smile you see because i know at some point in the history of all histories there was a god of beauty and it was […]

[This, and many other posts, can be found on Peter’s new blog.] Because of some of the blog posts here, on a number of occasions, blog readers have asked me to give advice to their boyfriends (or potential future boyfriends) on how to treat a woman. This normally took place while I was in the […]

Hiiiiiiiiii, you. I like snow. Sometimes. Lately it’s been reminding me of you. I can see it. Us standing side by side. The backs of our mittened-hands barely touching, but not holding. Yet. We stare out over the snow-decorated landscape. Bird tracks under a feeder. A cat’s paw prints showing where she waited nearby. Snow […]

the orchard


My paternal grandparents lived in a small town on the north side of my island. Seven miles away. We went there a lot when we were kids. Especially in the summer. They lived in a white, two-story house. Despite my grandfather’s wizardry with wooodworking, the floors in the back of the house — both stories […]

getting ready


Her brown eyes don’t blink. They can’t. Not now. Jesus. Definitely not now. Her usually steady hand trembles slightly. She takes a deep breath. She focuses. A car alarm screeching awake somewhere in the distance rattles her. She wipes her brow with the back of her free hand. She locks in again. Years of training […]

borrowing all the hours that you gave to me another night, another dream i want to hear, future wife the fuck is azure anyway? better. much. better. it’s when they wrap their tiny little fingers around mine, future wife i… have no explanation for this one she’s got one of those names that only a southern girl could pull off why i shouldn’t […]