a brief lesson in history and junk


you’re a little dopey
when you wake up
and for a while after
sleepybeargrrrrr away
my kind words
they’ll land later
i brush it aside
your impertinent hair
i smile
you see
because i know
at some point
in the history of all histories
there was a god of beauty
and it was a pretty good gig
he cooked up
while hanging out
all day in a robe
you know
i’m not sure
if he invented ball room
but i bet he thought that
was pretty nifty
like with anyone else
his work became stale
he even created the platypus
for a larf
but then he met
the goddess of adorableness
that’s when shit took off, yo
like adding colour to tv
or chocolate to milk
or push-up to bras
the wholes > the sums
they did good work
then time went on
as it does
wars came and went
so did bell bottoms
and then one day there was
their wonderful creation
you pull your hair
into a messy ponytail
you rub your eyes
your voice
a delicate whisper
playing with my ears
before traveling
on the wind
carried onward
by the wings of a bird
dancing with the sun’s rays
to the mountain of mountains
to those two gods
taking pride
in their creation
you’re just so fucking cute
is what i’m saying


2 Responses to “a brief lesson in history and junk”

  1. another superb one. thanks for making my day.

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com

  2. You always leave me speechless. What a talent.

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