state of the blogunion feb ’11


Hello, dumplings.

You’re all looking well.

I know I haven’t been posting as much lately. But I have an excuse.

I’m temperamental and fairly lazy.

Also I’m working on an ALL NEW BLOG.



Exclamation points!

It will be GLORIOUS.

And it will be brought to you by Team

Jason: (Superb hosting and support)  He quickly found out that my particularly brand of dorkiness has no practical applications.

Jenn: (Thesis-wrestling and header design)  She gets to enjoy exchanges like this:

“I’m picturing a modern serif for your header font.”

“I don’t know what modern serif means. It sounds made up.”

Ashley: (Project management)   She gets to wake up to 10 emails from me asking for her opinion on various fonts and icons and assorted blog detritus.  She also gets to experience:

“You see, I want my blog to be EPIC. I need the font to be bold and in your face and befitting a man of my stature. I want my blog to entertain and inform and feel like… a hug on a cold winter day. I want it to change the way people look at the internet… and each other. Hey, wasn’t Smokey and the Bandit AWESOME? I want the site to look amazing, yet not take away from the writing. Because, dear Ashley, since the beginning of tiiime…”


But don’t feel too bad for her, I’m reasonably sure she’s playing most of Hanson’s catalogue in her head while I speak.

So yeah…

New blog.

Coming soon.

You better get a pedicure because it’s going to blow your socks off.

And the writing will be better than what you saw in that last sentence.

Promise promise.

– Peter


17 Responses to “state of the blogunion feb ’11”

  1. Booking the pedicure as we speak…

    Who am I kidding. I hate when strangers touch my feet. Also its 11pm here and I don’t know if anywhere would be open to book. Let’s just PRETEND I’ve booked a pedicure.

    I AM excited though…

    • Do strangers just randomly touch women’s feet in Scotland?

      I mean, you guys deep fry Mars bars, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Yes, EPIC, Peter. Bring it! And I like your particular brand of dorkiness.

  3. I’m so glad I already planned to have a nail painting party this weekend.

  4. Hmmm…intrigued. But also irritated that you gave absolutely no hints as to what you’re concocting. Hopefully it will be more revealing and…real. Not that I don’t enjoy reading what you’ve got here. I do, but most of the blogs that are my favorites are because the writers let you peek inside. They share their struggles, their fears, desires, highs and lows. That’s what I’m interested in. But that’s just me…

    • I doubt that it’ll be any more revealing, to be honest.

      Actually I suspect I put more of my self in my fiction/”fiction” than a lot of the more… journally bloggers put in their posts.

  5. 9 Garnet

    Excited excited!!

  6. My tingly bits are tingly in anticipation.

  7. Are you replacing this one? *scratches head*
    Or is it more of a supplementary blog?

  8. Okay. I got a pedicure. Ready any time!

  9. Yay! New blog!

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