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Peter: Are you Uncle Pete’s girl this visit? ACN: *shakes her head no* Peter: Are you [grand mother]’s girl? ACN: Yeeeaaah. Peter: Nooooo. ACN: *giggles* Peter: Are you mad because I missed talking to you a couple of nights last week? ACN: Yeah!  *giggles* Peter: But I called you every night, you were just running […]

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. You’re pretty. So, Eff Double U, like all other celebrities, I require a team of people around me to help me look good and to get things done. But, in my case, it’s not a cadre of toadies, groupies, astrologers, shamans and freelance anal bleachers. No, no, no. For me it’s a group of […]

The ACN has a new ‘do. It is shorter, with bangs AND a couple of pink streaks. (Can’t really see pink streaks.) She is some tattoos away from looking like a roller derby girl. Or a decorator on Ace of Cakes. It looks ADORABLE. ********** Two things that I learned this weekend really make the […]

Well hiiiiii there, Future Wife. I like your hair today. But I really do have something to tell you. And it is not that I was coerced into listening to a bunch of Taylor Swift songs last night and, you know, she’s not bad. (After some debate, I have decided that “Our Song” is my […]

So I’ve been munchkin-sitting since Wednesday.  We’ve had fun.  And she’s kept me busy. Very busy. She also likes playing tricks on me. Yesterday, around 1 pm, I decided that it was too late in the day for her to still be wearing pjs.  She disagreed, but not too aggressively. When I went to change […]

two twerps


So lately I haven’t been talking about the twerps as much. And it’s not because I’ve finally become COMPLETELY self-absorbed. Maybe. You see, The Monkey is 12 (going on 29) now. So she’s evil and no longer even a little cute. Kidding. I just don’t think it’s right to tell all kinds of stories that […]

(So I didn’t really set a firm deadline for getting the drabbles in.  And I know that a couple of stragglers are still working on them.  Let’s say that if the link to them is in my inbox by 6 am eastern tomorrow morning, they are in the contest.  Cool?  Cool.) I’ve mentioned my friend […]