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about… me?


So I was recently informed that I don’t write enough about myself on this blog. That seemed… odd to me. Partially because I am a raging (and adorable) narcissist. But mostly because I always felt as though if you read me, you know me. You know? I think there is more of “me” in my […]

Matt: If you HAD to eat at one fast food restaurant and ONLY one fast food restaurant for the rest of your time here on earth… which fast food restaurant would you eat at? Does Pizza Hut count?  Yes.  Yes, I think it does. It’s not because they have the best food.  Obviously. But when […]

a good question


The new blog project is being worked on.  Essentially it involves me sending e-mails to some kick-ass bloggers and them replying to me.  That’s it.  Sounds simple, but I think it could be fun.  Sometimes the best writing I do, and read, is in e-mails. A blogfriend told me that they already have a name […]