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The late night before.  The heat.  The lack of fresh air.  The seemingly never ending hum of tires on highway.  Something. Something is making him sleepy. He doesn’t mind.  It is the soft, welcoming kind of drifting off. He must have missed a stop.  Some town.  Some place.  He notices that there are more heads […]

They walk, arm in arm, along the quiet small town streets. She is almost swimming in his hooded sweatshirt. It is just before dusk. “Why do I put up with you?” he asks. “That’s a good question,” she replies.  “Why DO you put up with me?” “Hmmm.  I guess…  You’re like Lucky Charms.” “Uhm… does […]

they’re moving away slowly the words and it’s you i think pulling the string but i can’t be mad really finding myself instead thinking about you in braided pigtails why i’m not sure why that image or why you today but it’s raining and i want to be inside you may have never worn your […]

if this doodle was a song the first quarter or so would just be music or so building you know almost like the words they were organizing themselves steadying themselves for you against you because of you i choose them so very carefully and wonder do messages change based on the receiver do lies work […]

i thought about you when i woke up it filled me with mild far away guilt i guess for reasons that elude but i’m sure made sense at some point it faded i thought about you some more my lips your stomach your nails my back i want to send you a song now my […]

She rolls her eyes at the flickering lights from the 42″ LCD TV in the otherwise dark bedroom.  She reaches for her iPhone. She checks her gmail.  “You emailed me after I fell asleep?  You’re very cute.” “Yup.  I know.” He rolls over and spoons her.  She lets out a sweet little moansigh. He buries […]

i had a dream about you last night i had almost sort of a two second conversation about you earlier in the evening i blame that and you were here and in pjs for some reason and hair down and bangs and here wasn’t here and there were a bunch of people around and someone […]