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(So I didn’t really set a firm deadline for getting the drabbles in.  And I know that a couple of stragglers are still working on them.  Let’s say that if the link to them is in my inbox by 6 am eastern tomorrow morning, they are in the contest.  Cool?  Cool.) I’ve mentioned my friend […]

As happens from time to time, the other day The Monkey called me to go watch her so she could swim in the pool. I said yes. Here are some highlights: – She swam in a sports bra and board shorts.  Both her father and aunt separately asked her why when they each got home. […]

[I couldn’t very well ask you all to write drabbles and then not try one myself, could I?  Actually I suppose I totally could.  But I didn’t.  Here is mine.  It’s not eligible to win the “contest.”  I tried to give myself a virtual lapdance once.   It was just weird.] “… a message at the […]

One of the coolest things about this drabble contest for me is when people who don’t write this sort of thing decide to give it a whirl.  And this includes my friend Ben. Dude is a PhD student in Math and has never tried writing fiction before.  This is his kickass entry: He sat at […]

Our first drabble entry! Eleanor submitted: “she held him in her hand like she had so many times before. long, thick, hard and red- so red. he made her pulse quicken, even after all this time. she liked to look at him before she used him- before she consumed him. the anticipation of tasting him […]