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It was the same thing every time the janitor tried to sweep this section of the floor. Automatic doors opened, Atlantic winds whipped in, and wrappers and dirt and travel detritus eddied about, as if teasing the broom. It was the same thing every time. And he hated it. He swore a little under his […]

he wondered


He wondered if this time of night, or morning, felt like this everywhere else. He had lived in a few others places (briefly) but none of them felt exactly the same. Not like this. It was that perfect time when dew was just starting to lick surfaces.  When, if you tried very hard, you could […]

She only had three rules for him: 1) Put the toilet seat down. 2) No hockey in the house. 3) Well… it’s in the bedroom. He was especially opposed to rule #2. (Being opposed to rule #3, he found, did him little good.) It felt like entrapment to talk him into renting a large, open […]

The Cabin


Because I am focusing my blogging genius (such that it is) on the super secret blogging project with this chick, PDDC here is being a bit neglected. Yesterday’s word doodle was pretty crappy.  And I have nothing better to offer you today. What you do get is something I found in the draft folder.  I […]



One of Cameron’s favourite things about having a part-time job in the library is the opportunity for people watching – and listening. He also loves that his best friends line the shelves. Which, he realizes, is a bit sad, but at least they never ask him to help them move. Cameron thinks that line is […]

She squinted her eyes.  If she had a signature look, it was that. Actually, if she had a signature look, it would involve sticking her chest out, but as her twenties were winding down, she was trying to move away from that. Except for last Thursday.  But that doesn’t count.  Dollar shots. Dollar SHOTS, motherfuckers. […]