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“You’re so gorgeous that you give my eyes an erection.” “How does that work exactly?” “Uhm… your hotness changes the shape of my peepers?” “So, like, an astigmatism?” “An astigmatism of looooooove, baby!” “I have to re-think some life decisions.” Advertisements

The late night before.  The heat.  The lack of fresh air.  The seemingly never ending hum of tires on highway.  Something. Something is making him sleepy. He doesn’t mind.  It is the soft, welcoming kind of drifting off. He must have missed a stop.  Some town.  Some place.  He notices that there are more heads […]

i wrote a poem last night my darling and now i will share it with you it goes: fuck fucking fuck fuck you fuck fuck fuck hate fuck fuck fuuuuuck fuck whorefaced fuck fuck motherfuck flyingbitchfuck fuckfuckfuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck and i call it… “kitten whiskers”

i write the lines on your face it you’re responsible for the lies in your eyes are the window to your soul get some windex motherfucker i know it always all ways everything you say i only hear what i want to and call me old when i sing it is the search for the […]