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“You’re so gorgeous that you give my eyes an erection.” “How does that work exactly?” “Uhm… your hotness changes the shape of my peepers?” “So, like, an astigmatism?” “An astigmatism of looooooove, baby!” “I have to re-think some life decisions.” Advertisements

A cranky, though underratedly handsome man named Ebepeter Scrooge sits in his office, going over his sitemeter stats by candlelight. His assistant, Ben Cratchit, enters. “Mr. Scrooge, it’s pretty cold in here. I mean, I look good in layers, but still.” “Bah!”

… so why not a silly topic? Because I’d NEVER write a silly post otherwise. In an email conversation with a fellow blogger, we somehow got on the topic of questions you ask on dates.  She has a good one.  (THAT SHE SHOULD BLOG ABOUT.)  I mentioned something about how I once started a blog […]



One of Cameron’s favourite things about having a part-time job in the library is the opportunity for people watching – and listening. He also loves that his best friends line the shelves. Which, he realizes, is a bit sad, but at least they never ask him to help them move. Cameron thinks that line is […]

‘member when Obama was at the Al Smith dinner and said that one of his weaknesses was that he is too awesome?  (I don’t recall the exact wording.  Just google it, you lazy shits.) I say stuff like that all the time.  Not about Obama — though I do think that he’s pretty nifty.  I […]