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Every time I listen to Frightened Rabbit’s “Keep Yourself Warm” and dude gets to the “I’m drunk.  I’m drunk.  And you’re probably on pills” I always say  “Probably?”  (Out loud.) Hi. A week or so back, Lily organized a music swap dealie.  I joined up.  Well, I joined up while making a crack about only […]

Sometimes I say random things for my own general amusement. “To be completely honest, I blame my singleness on me being too adorable.  Really.  It is a lot for a woman to deal with.” “I’m listening to Wham! (The exclamation mark was their decision, but I support it.)” “I kinda want to bang Meghan McCain.” […]

[Intro deleted because I thought it sucked.] —– The Black Box Revelation – “Love, Love Is On My Mind”

Sometimes I check my traffic stats for this blog. Not often, but sometimes it is a fun procrastinatey thing to do. Lately I’ve been noticing that my “About” page gets quite a few hits. “That’s pretty neat,” I thought. Because the voice in my head is that of a teen in the 1950s. And NO […]

Monkey B-day


You know you are blog blocked when you catch yourself thinking, “Getting a girlfriend would really provide some blog fodder.”  (When you catch yourself thinking, “4 inch heels would really make my calves POP!” it indicates something else entirely.) I can’t believe it, but The Monkey turns 12 tomorrow!  She got her hair cut short […]

Forever. (I assume I’ll become bored with sharing music with you folks soon enough.)

Silversun Pickups – “There’s No Secrets This Year”