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The part of my brain that handles the writing (and, for some reason, stores info on one-hit wonder bands from the ’80s) seems to be waking up after a long and soul-crushing winter. The writing is not flowing freely. Yet. But ideas are starting to form. I like that. I thought that my muse had, […]

It’s funny…


The more work I do on the new novel, the more I remember just how much work went into the novella. And that makes me want to get more and more people to read it. Which, of course, makes me shamelessly promote: The first 20 pages! If you enjoyed that, you can click here to […]

I haven’t been bloggy lately.  And that continues, really.  But I have been trying to do some work on the new novel idea. Typically all I need to write is time.  (And having a cute girl to try to show off for ALWAYS helps.) However there is a certain process that I follow when I […]

Essentially Me from Coming Home: A Journey Like No Other! (Instead of using my hat and hand-written ballots, I used a random number generator dealie.  Oooooh.)

(The contest is still open.)



Raise your hand if you like free stuff. Did you really just raise your hand? This is a blog post. You do realize that I couldn’t see you, right? Silly. Here’s the deal: This is a contest to win an autographed copy of my novella #$@%ing Read Me! To enter, all you have to do […]

‘member when Obama was at the Al Smith dinner and said that one of his weaknesses was that he is too awesome?  (I don’t recall the exact wording.  Just google it, you lazy shits.) I say stuff like that all the time.  Not about Obama — though I do think that he’s pretty nifty.  I […]