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A cranky, though underratedly handsome man named Ebepeter Scrooge sits in his office, going over his sitemeter stats by candlelight. His assistant, Ben Cratchit, enters. “Mr. Scrooge, it’s pretty cold in here. I mean, I look good in layers, but still.” “Bah!” Advertisements

january “I’ve known you for an hour and a half and you are already the most exasperating woman I’ve ever met.” “Time would move faster in a prison camp for me too, buddy.” “I think I hate you.” “You sicken me.” “Oh no… we’re going to end up getting married aren’t we?” “Shut your dirty […]

… so why not a silly topic? Because I’d NEVER write a silly post otherwise. In an email conversation with a fellow blogger, we somehow got on the topic of questions you ask on dates.  She has a good one.  (THAT SHE SHOULD BLOG ABOUT.)  I mentioned something about how I once started a blog […]



One of Cameron’s favourite things about having a part-time job in the library is the opportunity for people watching – and listening. He also loves that his best friends line the shelves. Which, he realizes, is a bit sad, but at least they never ask him to help them move. Cameron thinks that line is […]

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Since plagiarism in the ‘sphere (douche alert!) is spreading faster than Madonna’s legs (early 90s pop culture reference alert!) I thought that I would do my part to help… The plagiarizers. What? It can’t be easy to be a plagiarizer.   You have to be lacking in anything resembling a unique thought in your head, and […]

Ages ago, I was discussing an idea for a series of blog posts with Molly and Clink. (Though mostly Molly, I think.) You remember that reality show “Farmer Wants a Wife?” Probably not, eh?  I think it’s ratings were somewhere between “Dirty, Sexy Money” and an hour-long infomercial for the ShamWow.  “You know that Germans […]