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The STOG called “Just a moment.” I’m up first. Go visit! Advertisements

Park Manners


Today is the last day over at Park Manor.   Thanks to everyone who visited and commented. How friggin’ awesome were all the posts? Correct answer: VERY friggin’ awesome. So awesome that the bar is raised ridiculously high for me today. Here’s my post “Black and Blue.”

Today is Nicole’s day at Park Manor and, as is the trend this week, she completely brought the awesome. Seriously. Oh and I’m at IndieInk today. But go read Nicole’s piece first.  It’s much, much better.

So it begins…


Every generation does its part in bringing something amazing to society as a whole. The miniskirt. Shag carpeting. The return of the miniskirt. Well brace yourselves for… Park Manor It is a STOG. It is fiction. It is genius. And Ben kicks it off masterfully today. The rest of the week will include: Tuesday:  tia […]

… to check out the STOG (Short Term Blog) that Brandy and I did.