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You still have this blog in your Google Readers? Come on over to the new blog. It’s fun. You’ll like it. I promise. Advertisements

And neither do I. New blog, kids. And you should update your feeds. Really. Stick this one in your Google Reader: And now you won’t miss out on any future Petergoodness. Awesome, right? Rock n’ roll.

A new blog?


Yes! It was time for a fresh start on a big boy blog. Check it out! I hope you’ll update all your update-ables. Because if you don’t, I’ll look like this… :( BUT if you do, I’ll look like this… :) And when I set something to record on my dvr and it runs […]



The heat is rising off the black top. As it has been doing for weeks. Patience and clothing are both being worn thin in this relatively urban powder keg. Sounds of the bouncing, well-worn basketball are echoing off the surrounding buildings. Likely annoying occupants and passers-by. But they don’t care. Adidas is down a basket […]



You know it’s a special sunset when it changes the colour in your room. The clicking and clacking of our keys create an oddly harmonious din, echoing off largely bare walls. We sit, side by side, on the messily-made bed. I’m writing. You’re teaching yourself how to do something.  Reading manuals.  Watching videos.  Frowning.  Watching […]

Hello, dumplings. You’re all looking well. I know I haven’t been posting as much lately. But I have an excuse. I’m temperamental and fairly lazy. Also I’m working on an ALL NEW BLOG. Excitement! Suspense! Exclamation points! It will be GLORIOUS. And it will be brought to you by Team Jason: (Superb hosting and […]

[This, and many other posts, can be found on Peter’s new blog.] Because of some of the blog posts here, on a number of occasions, blog readers have asked me to give advice to their boyfriends (or potential future boyfriends) on how to treat a woman. This normally took place while I was in the […]