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Cathy Coppin: “I really wanted to call you a bitch” I can never speak my mind. Not even when I speak to a world Full of anonymous readers Today I speak You hurt me Don’t you know I thought I loved you I thought you were The world I asked you to help me To […]

Essentially Me: i go through life thinking that i need to not think of you but then i will hear something that has nothing to do with you but will remind me of you implicitly and then i am back at that place i thought i had left for good trying not to think of […]

I didn’t want to do this, but I’ve gotten more submissions that I expected.  So we’re going to have to put more than one doodle per post.  (Even though I’ve lost the blogloving feeling, I should start posting my own writing eventually, eh?) But you should make sure to love each one individually. From Amanda: […]

MT is another newcomer to reading blogs.  Maybe if you are all nice, she’ll finally get around to starting her own. Because momma said so life’s not fair stand up straight like boys there’s nothing more unattractive than a drunk girl wear nylons go to school go play outside give your grandma a kiss be […]

Abby is a brand new blogger, and was nice enough to submit a doodle. It’s gotten awkward again cause she doesn’t know what to say and he doesn’t know what he did or if it was him or if she’d even upset which is of course what’s bothering her in the first place but he […]

Hi. Kaci was kind enough to share this piece with us today.  Still a couple days left for you to submit. Laying there Your chest Rising, falling Each breath Takes you Deeper Further Into Dreamland Your face Emotionless As you Dream About fish, deer Or dragons Your hand Instinctively Or maybe not Grips mine Whenever […]

This entry is submitted by “J.” There is still time to send in yours. “Funny The Way Things Don’t Turn Out” I did it because we were supposed to Do it It felt like the time was about the right time to Do it But the right time doesn’t mean shit to someone else It […]