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we’re writing a story you and i of colourful characters of intricate plot lines weaving new worlds opening to us daily i know you know some times being judged by the cover pulled over our heads you read my face by the stubble under your hand i read your body by the goosebumps i’m causing […]

i smile unknowingly unavoidably when that brazen little snowflake in all its fluffy glory lands defiantly on your self-trimmed bangs i slowly reach towards it as your big brown eyes blink repeatedly i touch your hair and the flake falls falls on your open hand i kiss you softly lovingly thoroughly the flake melts i […]

writers write they say you say i really should more i know but sometimes i don’t like the floundering in the muck and mire to try to find that one nugget of universal golden truth of heads nodding of you swooning of course it’s not lack of desire it’s more a disdain for the wrong […]

you’re a little dopey when you wake up and for a while after you sleepybeargrrrrr away my kind words they’ll land later i brush it aside your impertinent hair and i smile you see because i know at some point in the history of all histories there was a god of beauty and it was […]

i pull my hair in the harsh bathroom light leaning into the mirror grey stubble fuck the words like a little kid on the high diving board need a push now i’m scribbling i’m typing i wonder in the moments in between the moments if i should be learning new ways to say it or […]

favorite + u


you could build a year and quite a good one with the beats my heart skips each time i see you dancing bouncing music filling you leaving room only for me i listen to your words as if there’ll be a test and in the silences i hear the change from wanting everyone to know […]

i stand on the weather-worn steps leading in you stand two steps higher then three it lets you kiss me and you do and again my hug wraps around your bum i don’t hate that you hum a song that’ll i’ll later wonder why it’s in my head you remove my baseball cap and put […]