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her unruly mane refuses to be tamed lightened already by the sun’s kiss the best laid hair plans gone awry pulled back into the room lace nude bra and underwear doing a job she makes easy naturally her dress is on her bed so is he doesn’t look up tapping away at his laptop having […]

when my head and my heart they of their conflicting agendas and failures to communicate get on the same page with haley’s comet-ian frequency the timing is all ways shockingly destructively wrong and to the best of my overrated knowledge they haven’t created a home makeover show that teaches how to fix this week grout […]

The late night before.  The heat.  The lack of fresh air.  The seemingly never ending hum of tires on highway.  Something. Something is making him sleepy. He doesn’t mind.  It is the soft, welcoming kind of drifting off. He must have missed a stop.  Some town.  Some place.  He notices that there are more heads […]

the ac purrs unevenly doing it’s best it’s all we can ask to ward off the sweltering blackness i love looking down on dark hair splayed across as if by meticulous design the bright white pillowcase with some thread count that is like ridiculously high you said once with eyes locked on eyes clearly showing […]

i like fireflies i want to train them to write out my words in the dark while i tap you on the shoulder and make you watch with my nose against your cheek until they fade all words fade mine fade faster i think than most even if i get them right i just i […]