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Every now and then I’ll start writing something in here that, for whatever reason, displeases me. More often than not, I’ll save it as a “draft” just in case I later think of a way to fix it. Or just in case I am feeling crappy some day and not in the mood to write […]



Erik and Stephen are enjoying some Bazooka Joe bubble gum and milking the last few minutes out of recess. Erik: What exactly ARE cooties? Stephen: You know, I’m not sure. Erik: I don’t think anyone is. I’ve been asking around. Stephen: So, why are we so afraid of them? Erik: Good question. Maybe we shouldn’t […]

The wait is finally over! You remember everything that went down in “Chapter 1?” Well, here is “Chapter 2.” Be brave.

Jack & Jill took a break from re-writing mission statements to have a power lunch and to discuss their relationship. Jack: I think we should recontextualize our situation. Jill: Agreed. Jack: Excellent. Jill: I tried to incentivize. Jack: I appreciate the initiatives, if not the methodologies. Jill: Did you not refer back to the schemas? […]

File this one under “seemed funny in my head” as well as “this is post #181, they can’t all be gold, people.” INT. YOUR TYPICAL GLORIOUS MANSION Bitzy and Muffy share laughs over some tea and scones. Muffy’s husband Prescott enters… Prescott: Ladies. Muffy: Welcome back, ducky. Wherever have you been? Prescott: I’m just returning […]



He saw her extending her arm. Slowly. He grabbed her by the wrist, and held it right there. She moaned. A little angrily. Then he smelled it. It must have been her shampoo. He recognized it. From a long time ago? It was college. Definitely college. A girl named Tanya Fader used the same shampoo. […]

I was feeling a bit experimental this morning. But, I just wasn’t quite in the mood for drugs and/or group sex. Sooooooo… Instead I tried to start something silly on YouTube. Essentially it is a story to be told by multiple YouTubers. I made my video and then tagged spricket24. She is free to do […]