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i wrote a poem last night my darling and now i will share it with you it goes: fuck fucking fuck fuck you fuck fuck fuck hate fuck fuck fuuuuuck fuck whorefaced fuck fuck motherfuck flyingbitchfuck fuckfuckfuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck and i call it… “kitten whiskers” Advertisements

i write the lines on your face it you’re responsible for the lies in your eyes are the window to your soul get some windex motherfucker i know it always all ways everything you say i only hear what i want to and call me old when i sing it is the search for the […]

So I’ve decided to do something new with steamy posts. I’m no longer going to be posting them here. I’ve started a new blog just for the smut. It’s not reallllllly anonymous. I just don’t have my name on it. And I won’t be linking to it here. So if you are interested in reading […]

every time i think about you in bed with me the sheets are always always incredibly white and smell like they were dried on a clothesline on that first warm spring day the real one not the fake out that comes a week before snow returns and if i was thinking about it now we’re […]

under my skin


at various stages of breathless we exchanged ideas then fluids then numbers then fluids again we sit and lie in silence the light pouring in through the blind-less window just missing you extend your leg dipping your toe into the stream shadows still obscuring most of the shapely limb recently tagged with my saliva and […]

Two and a half cups of all-purpose flour land in a bowl with a soft thud and a mini “poooof.” The cloud has barely settled when one and a half cups of sugar arrive, creating a mound surrounded by mini gopher holes, on the surface of what looks like some distant frozen continent. Or planet. […]

if i was walking along one day looking particularly baller in my adidas gazelles and a genie offered me three wishes i’d be all yo genie the fuck are you doing here and he’d be all pfffft some way to greet a genie and i’d be all bitch it’s not like i see a genie […]