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It was your shape that caught my eye at first. Shallow, I know. But it’s honest. Colour was next. And once I met you… I had no idea what I did before you. The way you felt in my hands. The way you moved. The way you… tasted. I adore that cute top. And I […]

sid asked: Okay so tell us about some of those elusive whores. What exactly have they done to change your outlook on life. And since I have nothing else I want to write about today, I’ll answer this one right away. (You can still ask questions!) I am going to tell you about the biggest […]

I started a couple of blog posts, but they didn’t go anywhere interesting. For some reason (my general awesomeness, I suppose) I compose my blog posts as a draft e-mail in gmail. I started a word doodle yesterday and mentioned “a tingly feeling” and Google Ads was kind enough to offer me links to all […]

Peter tired


Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Apu worked for 96 straight hours and then thought he was a hummingbird? I’m kinda like that. Though not quite as tired.  Or Hindu. Little Munchkin just went home after a ten day visit.  Uncle Pete was babysitting while her parents were in Cancun.  That should get me […]

I set up a gmail account for The ACN so she can send mails to her favourite people.  The other day we sent an email to her grandpa.  He was in the next room. “Dear Grandpa, You just sneezed. Do you have boogers? Love, [ACN]” ********** The ACN still gets very excited any time I […]

Uncle Pete: Want to do some baking with Unc? ACN shakes her head “no.” Uncle Pete: You can be my assistant chef. ACN shakes her head “no.” Uncle Pete: You want to be the chef and I am YOUR assistant? ACN: YEAH!!!



I’m a little embarrassed by how quickly I realized it, while trying to pretend that I hadn’t. At all. It was a dynamic group with dynamics not yet discovered. Newcomer. Old friends. Tension. Both sexual and grrr. Sometimes simultaneous. Furtive glancing caresses. Desires ignored. By them. But I had to be me. Don’t judge. I […]