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That’s right. I said “blogcation.” No, I’m not taking a break from blogging. I’m just taking a break from blogging here. Instead I’m going to be doing a tour of other blogs. 7 days. 7 blogs. Guest posting each day. Exciting! It starts later this week. Here is the tentative schedule: Thursday:  Free and Flawed […]

i kind of forget my swagger when i am around you and i’m not sure if that’s good post-game recap features flubbed plays dropped balls big Xs on the telestrator and yet… it seems ok to me i suppose and i am still me of course practicing my “irritation is the sincerest form of flattery” […]

yes i have seen the dress – that perfect combination of form and function and holyoldfuckthatisalotofsexy – before in a picture but can now think of a better thousand words (or moans) i try to will mr.nowistheperfecttimetoinvest to abdicate his seat and he does! and she is sitting! next to me the air changes like […]

The other evening I was hanging out with my folks, The Monkey and her dad. The conversation turned to a play The Monkey was in a couple of weeks ago. And then it turned to the Thriller Dance they performed in it. (I talked to the director the other day and she told me, “Yeah, […]

Like with most things, since this applies to me, I assume it is the same for EVERYONE.  When I was younger and someone would ask what I look for in a woman, I’d say something snarky like “nice ass, watches sports.” But that was last week. KIDDING. It was the week before. When people ask […]

“It wasn’t the worst movie you’ve ever seen.” “Close.” “It was funny.  Well written.  Not bad at all.” “Dane Cook was in it.” “And that undoes anything else good about it?” “You see that too?” “Why did you agree to let me pick the movie?” “I…” “Just trying to be a gentleman?” “Sort of…” “What?” […]

i mean the perfect setting is great and all the right lighting very little the right music she says kings of leon i say broken social scene with nothing but time and a large bed with balled up sheets and us but i love early morning fluorescent bathroom light with it’s constantly changing hum trying […]